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Get more specific with who you target with geotags

Help build valuable content around your location tagged store or event, by building a location feed around your business and encouraging others to engage with your geotag. Schedugram allows for location tagging to be used in Insta Stories too, to give a real time outreach to your customers.
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Location tagging all in one place

Schedugram has added the feature at the tip of your finger, as an extended option to how and what you would like to add to a carousel, video or photo post before scheduling it. 
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Hashtag locations with our Hashtag Manager

Hashtag locations are a known method for businesses and individuals to engage with a specific audience. Through Schedugram's hashtag manager you can store or group hashtags all in one place and come back to browse through them, later allowing you to schedule targeted hashtag campaigns.
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Analyse and plan new post reach tactics

Shedugrams detailed reporting and analysis tool will allow for your to split A/B test the feature and see what influence it has over set engagement targets. And if you see results? Fuel your team's interaction with the community and get them browsing through local geotag feeds to find new influencers.
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Multiple Accounts

Easily switch between and schedule content for multiple accounts. Perfect for agencies, freelancers, influencers and global brands.


Analytics that let you monitor, track and optimize your Instagram campaigns (and your competitor’s too!)

Unlimited Users

Add your coworkers and collaborators at no additional cost.

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Schedugram is enabling me to be two places at one, being present on social media while being on shoots being able to concentrate fully on those..

Christian Bang Photographer Christian Bang

I'm sure everyone would agree that running a small business is hard these days! If you add this new era of Social Media and your online reputation/brand makes it even more challenging. Using Schedugram has helped not only the Corporate Studios but Franchisee Owners of BEYOND Studios streamline their monthly Social Media plans!!

Brandi Marino BEYOND Studio

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Scheduling is superb. It frees time, energy and head space. I love being able to see my tiles laid out so I can plan in advance for campaigns and events.

Eilish Bouchier eilish bouchier